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Why are cool mist humidifiers better than warm mist?

You have a choice between cool mist humidifiers and warm mist humidifiers. Besides the temperature and purpose of the mist, the 2 types feature different operational mechanisms that, in terms of safety and practicality, make the cool mist variety better. Warm mist humidifiers are inferior because:

  • They generate high-temperature mist by means of a heating element which can potentially be dangerous, especially in homes with small children or pets
  • Warm mist humidifiers also encourage the growth of bacteria more than cool mist models, so more frequent cleaning is required
  • In the summertime, cool mist humidifiers can be used in conjunction with an AC unit, whereas a warm mist humidifier will render the AC ineffective and make it feel muggy indoors
Features of Small Dehumidifiers

Small dehumidifiers as they are called are the larger version of the mini dehumidifiers. The small dehumidifiers are meant to work in larger rooms than the mini dehumidifiers. They work though, the same way as the minis and have packets or salt or silica gel that absorbs up to sixteen ounces of moisture. When the silica gel or the salt wears out it is possible to install a new one, but the cost of replacing is almost the same as replacing the small dehumidifiers, for they are very inexpensive.

Main features of Small Dehumidifiers

• The silica gel or salt needs no power to activate absorption.
• The gadgets are very light and compact despite performing huge tasks.
• Small dehumidifiers are relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain compared to other larger ones as portable humidifiers.
• They are rechargeable, thus no constant plugging in is required, especially when renewing.
• Uses the water glass technology that attracts moisture from the atmosphere.
• Are user friendly, hence can be used by anyone at any place.

The advantages brought about by the small dehumidifiers are awesome as they eliminate the growth of molds, mildew and moisture rot of our properties.

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