Humidifier installation

Understanding Home Humidifiers

By Murray Anderson

If you're like many of us who live in climates where winter brings cold North winds and lots of snow, you probably seal up your house so none of those cold drafts can get inside. You weather-strip the doors and caulk all around the windows and make sure any openings are closed up to keep the cold out and cut down your heating... read more >>

What causes white dust to appear on cool mist humidifiers?

With certain types of ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers, white dust may appear on or around the unit after use. While nothing to be alarmed about, it's important to know what it is.

  • White dust is the residue from minerals in water
  • As water is vaporized and turned into mist, mineral residue is released at a molecular level
  • Depending...

    Using Mini Dehumidifiers

    Mini dehumidifiers are simple products that are made to absorb moisture from relatively small enclosed spaces such as cars or rooms. Most of the mini dehumidifiers can be hung or stuck on the wall with objects they come with or by their own self adhesive back parts. If the sticky part loses its glue you can replace it easily. Most of them are... read more >>

    Using Gravity to Drain a Portable Dehumidifier

    Using a portable dehumidifier requires that collected water be emptied frequently. Learn below some options for using gravity to continuously empty your portable dehumidifier.

    To use gravity to drain your portable dehumidifier, it must be installed on a level surface at least 12 inches above the ground, on a sturdy table or shelf unit.

    Drain...

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