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2 Reasons Why the Humidistat Should Be Installed Above the Humidifier

A humidistat is used for measuring and controlling the relative humidity of a place. The humidistat is attached with various humidifying equipments and is used for controlling them. The humidistat contains a sensing element for measuring humidity and a relay amplifier.

1. Proper Control

When the humidistat is used along with the humidifier... read more >>

3 Things to Know Before Replacing Pin Connectors in a Humidifier

Pin connectors are common types of wire connections that combine a number of wire conductors together and run them each to a stiff male pin ending. These pins can be plugged into a female pin connection of a similar shape. With this type of connection, there is no need to solder many different wires onto separate connections. Instead, a pin... read more >>

3 Reasons to Install a Basement Dehumidifier on the Floor

If you are unsure whether you need a basement dehumidifier here are a few reasons why you should get one.

1. Reduce Moisture Levels

Even if your basement is water free and there are no leaks allowing rain water to get inside, basements are typically moist areas. The moisture in the basement is mostly... read more >>

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