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Installing the Right Mineral Absorption Pad for Your Slant Fin Humidifier

Using the correct mineral absorption pad in your slant fin humidifier will prevent mineral dust from precipitating into the room. The white grains of mineral dust are harmful to your respiratory system and can damage furniture, carpet and window treatments. Learn below about choosing the right mineral absorption pads, round or rectangular... read more >>

Removing Mineral Build Up

Both the cool mist and warm mist humidifiers require removing the mineral buildup. To remove the mineral buildup, pour approximately one cup or 8 ounces of undiluted white vinegar into the base of water holding receptacle.

Allow the vinegar to sit and soak in the humidifier for at least one half hour. Redistribute the vinegar occasionally... read more >>

Reasons to Use Portable Dehumidifiers

Portable dehumidifiers are great for individual use. They will remove excess water from the air. If you have a musty smell anywhere in your house, particularly your bathroom or where there is water located with reduced aeration.

You can take your portable dehumidifiers from the living room to the bathroom or even the attic with you, so you... read more >>

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