Humidifier installation

How to Connect the Whole House Humidifier to the Control Board

While installing a portable humidifier is a good option for you to save your family from breathing stale air, this particular option is somehow inconvenient as it does not offer a wide coverage for your whole house compared to installing a whole house humidifier. Thus, if you want to give maximum protection to your family, then installing... read more >>

How to Fix Running Water Problems in a Humidifier

Running water problems in a humidifier can be due to several probable causes. If the device has a reservoir, the water fills to a certain level in the water tank causing the float ball to rise above to the surface and shut down the water supply. If the float is damaged or stuck, it will result in running water problems. If the device has a... read more >>

How to Fix Leaks in Whole House Humidifiers

Whole house humidifiers are great for houses with dry air inside of them (usually a by-product of furnaces heating air during the winter). Sadly, when these humidifiers leak, they can cause serious damage to a home. Here are some of the common causes of humidifier leaks along with simple instructions on how to fix them and get the humidifier... read more >>

How to Fix Humidity Control Issues Found in an Older Humidifier

In older humidifiers, humidity control problems can manifest themselves in a variety of ways, mostly due to clogged or worn-out parts. Follow the process below to identify and fix humidity control issues that can be found in older humidifiers.

Materials and Tools Needed
  • Humidifier owner's manual
  • Furnace service manual
  • Flashlight
  • Screwdriver...

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