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How to Clean Cool Mist Humidifiers

Designed to ease nasal congestion as well as relieve allergy or asthma symptoms, a cool mist humidifier comes in whole-house and portable varieties. In order to maintain optimal freshness, it's a good idea to regularly clean the unit. Otherwise bacteria could start to grow and negate any of the appliance's positive effects.

Tools and Materials:
  • White...

    How to Connect a Dehumidifier Drain Hose

    Should your home require a dehumidifier, you may not run it as often as you should because of the need to care for the dehumidifier drain. Connecting a drain hose eliminates the need to continually drain the water pail. By ‘porting’ the water directly from the drain bucket, the extra work is eliminated. It is important that you... read more >>

    How to Clean Your Humidifier

    By Susan M. Keenan Humidifiers are handy appliances to have in a home, and like any other appliance, they require regular cleaning. If your humidifier is being used on a daily basis, then it should be cleaned at least once a week to maintain optimum performance.

    Always refer to the cleaning instructions for any appliance that are... read more >>

    How to Clean Warm Mist Humidifiers

    Warm mist humidifiers are a kind of humidifier which produces steam by heating water. This steam, in turn, warms and moisturizes the air in a room. This device is useful for people with asthma and allergies. It needs to be cleaned regularly for proper functioning.

    Tools and Materials Needed
    • Bleach
    • Undiluted white vinegar
    • Sponge...

      How to Clean Humidifier Wick Filter

      If you own a home humidifier, it is important that you know how to clean a humidifier wick filter. If neglected, this filter can become very dirty very quickly, resulting in air emitted by its host humidifier that is harmful to one's health. So, to keep your wick filter clean and to ensure that your humidifier emits fresh air, carry out... read more >>

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