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What causes white dust to appear on cool mist humidifiers?

With certain types of ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers, white dust may appear on or around the unit after use. While nothing to be alarmed about, it's important to know what it is.

  • White dust is the residue from minerals in water
  • As water is vaporized and turned into mist, mineral residue is released at a molecular level
  • Depending on the kinds of minerals in the drinking water, the makeup of this white dust will differ

Keeping the humidifier clean is a daily ritual. This helps prevent the growth of bacteria and/or mold. Use distilled water in the humidifier or install a sink water filter to remove minerals from tap water to minimize mineral residue.

Cigar Humidifiers

Cigar humidifiers are used to increase the humidity (moisture) level in a cigar humidor, where cigars are stored to prevent them from drying out.

Types of cigar humidifiers

Typical cigar humidifiers are composed of a plastic container with a grated top and a sponge inside that acts as the moisture absorbing and outputting agent. Most commonly, this sponge is the "oasis" (green foam) that is normally used to hold flower arrangements, because this type of sponge is optimal for retaining moisture. An alternative to the sponge is acrylic polymer granules that are activated by distilled water and emit humidity at a constant level.

Using cigar humidifiers

With the sponge type of cigar humidifiers, the sponge is moistened for the first time with a propylene glycol solution, or "humidification solution," of half propylene glycol and half distilled water. This solution, which is used every three to six months in between regular maintenance with distilled water, helps cigar humidifiers prevent bacterial growth and regulate the environment.

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