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3 Reasons to Install a Basement Dehumidifier on the Floor

If you are unsure whether you need a basement dehumidifier here are a few reasons why you should get one.

1. Reduce Moisture Levels

Even if your basement is water free and there are no leaks allowing rain water to get inside, basements are typically moist areas. The moisture in the basement is mostly due to the fact that the space is close to the foundation of the house. Right under the foundation, there is ground water, which can easily get in the basement. Installing the basement dehumidifier on the floor will deal with the problem and keep moisture at bay.

2. Prevent Formation of Molds

Molds start growing and thrive in humid environments and a large number of basements are affected by mold. Certain molds may be a health danger. Often, molds start growing in the most humid area of the room, which is typically the floor.

Getting a dehumidifier on the basement floor will keep the environment dry and prevent the formation of molds.

3. Use the Basement as a Room

By keeping the basement dry, clean and free of molds, you can use the basement as a room for your hobbies or simply to store things and place these on the floor without fearing that these will be destroyed in time.

5 Advantages to an Ultrasonic Humidifier

An ultrasonic humidifier provides numerous advantages over the regular humidifiers. A humidifier is important if the air you breathe is too dry (i.e. due to the use of heaters), as your skin can get dry and you can easily get dehydrated. If you are planning to buy a humidifier, you should know about the advantages of the ultrasonic humidifier.

1. Saving Energy

An ultrasonic humidifier is an energy saver and it will consume less energy than regular humidifiers. In addition, the device will turn off and on during the time the steam unit is preheated.

2. Clean Air

The ultrasonic humidifier will turn air into mist, to humidify the air. The mist produced is clean and healthy.

3. The Humidifier Can Be Programmed

The device can be set at various levels of humidity, according to your needs.

4. Easy Maintenance

Humidifiers may require daily maintenance, but the ultrasonic humidifier will only need periodical maintenance and cleaning.

5. Automatic On/Off Switch

The ultrasonic humidifier devices have automatic on/off switches, which ensures that the air is always at the humidity level you require and is also a means of saving energy. This can be particularly helpful during the night, when you leave the humidifier on and it may make the atmosphere too humid.

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