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Replacing the Motor Assembly in a House Dehumidifier

Replacing the motor assembly in a house dehumidifier should be done only when there is no other option but to install a new one. One instance when the motor assembly needs replacement is when the motor constantly produces internal hums or noises. This usually happens when the bearings are worn out. If troubleshooting the motor does not improve anything, consider replacing it instead.

Obtaining a Service Manual

Before removing the motor assembly in a house dehumidifier, make sure to have a copy of the service manual first. This manual usually comes with the purchase of the device. In the instance that the service manual is lost or not included in the purchase, obtain a copy from the company website or from any authorized dealer of the same product model and brand.

The service manual contains information regarding how to disassemble the individual parts and how to install replacements. It will also include important information regarding the internal and external parts, which will be needed when ordering a replacement.

Removing the Motor Assembly

First of all, be sure to unplug the power cord connected to any power outlet. Next, remove the housing assembly to expose the internal parts by removing any mounting hardware securing it to the device. Afterwards, locate the motor and unscrew any mounting hardware as well. Pull out the motor to separate it from the house dehumidifier.

Purchasing a Replacement

Four important pieces of product information need to be obtained in order to get the exact part required for the device. Take note of the product type, model number, part number, and description of the motor. This can be found in the service manual or the parts manual that can be obtained from the company website.

To order a replacement, visit an authorized dealer or go straight ahead to the company website and fill out an order form. Before making a purchase, take a good look at the motor assembly and compare it to the product image provided in the website. If the image and the product information match, proceed with the order. Wait for part to come for about a week or so depending on the location from which the part is to be shipped from.

Installing the New Motor Assembly

Unpack the motor assembly and inspect if all parts are present. To install the replacement, remove the housing assembly from the unit and secure the motor in place. Make necessary connections to the other parts of the unit by following every detail of the installation instructions provided in the service manual. Take note that the procedure will vary depending on the brand and model of the unit being repaired. Double check all connections first before installing the housing assembly. To test the unit, plug it into a power outlet and let it run. If the device does not produce any noise or hums, the installation is successful.

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